My baptism story

My baptism story

My baptism video

Growing up church was just something that was a part of my routine. Every Sunday we would get up and go to Sunday school. My mother would pack a bag of snacks and activities to keep my brother and I busy during the service. Then after we would go out to eat as a family, that was my favorite part. It was not until I moved to Chicago in 2015 that I really began to explore my faith. I moved for an ex boyfriend, hoping that if I moved there we would get back together…crazy, I know! My aunt growing up would give me a devotional every year for my baptism birthday and to be honest I threw most away. One night I was at my lowest, so alone, so depressed, and felt so unloved. I rolled over and opened my nightstand drawer, sitting right in front of me was the last devotional she got me. I turned it over and the first line on the back was “You are not alone, you have hope. Every minute of every day you are loved.” I remember being like “okay, okay, I hear ya.” I opened it and read almost the entire daily devotional in one night.

A little over a year later I was back home, single and craving love. My dearest friend Sarah invited me to church with her. It was called Mile City and was out of Schoolcraft Community College. I instantly fell in love with the type of service they offered and the people. After going for awhile I heard they were doing baptisms and thought what a perfect way to publicly announce my faith and God as my savior. After my baptism I decided to share my story on Facebook , the amount of support I received was incredible. But, what really struck me was the amount of people that messaged me saying “Thank you”, “I am struggling, your story helped me.” At that point I knew, I wanted to be someone people could come to, not just in a time of need but someone they could go to when things are going right as well.

Just like anyone, my faith is put to the test and sometimes the ground beneath me is shaken. I am still learning and growing in my faith and I want this space in my blog to be raw, a place to share my struggles and my successes. I also want this to be a place where you can go, ask me questions, learn some tips that have helped me, and know you are not alone.

All my love, Kaylin Ann

My baptism at Mile City!

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