How I curl my hair

How I curl my hair

Hey loves! So I thought I would finally post the most anticipated video, how I curl my hair. I use a Hot Tools Signature Series in Gold curling iron, size 1.25. I spray my hair first with Aveda Heat Relief thermal protector & conditioning mist. This heat protectant can be sprayed on dry hair and not leave the hair wet like most.

After I spray the heat protectant, I section my hair leaving just a small section out underneath. I split that section into subsections that are about one inch a piece. I personally like to curl my hair all going away from my face, you could alternate to create a more beachy look. Then I work my way up to the top of my head doing one section at a time. Once I get to the top I like to start the curl lower down on the hair to create a smoother look. The key to achieving my look is the oil I use at the end. Any hair oil will work, I prefer the Bonding Oil by Olaplex but it is just to smooth it out and create a slip on your hands when brushing them through.

Good luck, I hope this helps. If you end up trying it tag me in a post! @Thekaylinann (:

All my love, Kaylin Ann

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