Products,products, products

Products,products, products

It’s all about the products! My natural hair tangles easy, is frizzy, and quite honestly looks like a mess when I let it air dry. During this time (quarantine), I am trying not to put heat on my hair everyday. So, using the right products is really important for me to achieve the frizz free, shine, and control I need to help maintain my natural hair.

In the video below, I am using three of my favorite Aveda styling products. The Aveda Speed of light, which is a blow-dry accelerator but works great to protectant the hair from heat, add shine, and detangle. The Aveda Curl enhancer, which helps control frizz and give a better shape to your natural curl. Last but certainly not least, Aveda Confixor. This adds hold to the hair without it feeling crunchy or looking wet.

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