Daily God Time

Daily God Time

When I decided to start a blog with faith being a category, this post was the first one I thought of. This is a topic that really hits home for me and something I am really passionate about. If you have not read my post “My Baptism Story” I highly suggest you go and read it. A devotional is what started my journey of re-devoting myself to god. I always say (to myself), a devotional a day keeps the negative thoughts away and that could not be more true. I strongly believe there are multiple benefits to reading a devotional.

The first one being having that one on one time to just talk with God. God desires a relationship with us, which takes time and effort. I usually do my devotional right before bed, I use this time to have a conversation with God. I hand him my worries, thank him for my blessings, and tell him my pray requests. This helps settle my mind and allows me to be able to fall asleep at night. I am fully confident that without my daily encounter with God my relationship would not be as strong and intimate.

The second benefit would be, God shows he is near through devotionals. This helps me with my anxiety and depression. Many times when I have been super anxious or upset about something going on in my life I will turn to my devotional for strength. Just like I explained in my baptism story post when I moved to Chicago and was at my lowest point, I turned my devotional over and the back stated “You are not alone, every minute of everyday you are loved.” This is exactly what I needed at that moment, it was like God was putting his arms around me and telling me “I got you.” Coming to him is one way to know which direction to go in when you are lost, he is our refuge.

The third benefit would be it acts as a healthy distraction. I feel we can get wrapped up in drama, work, and everyday life too often. We forget to take a moment to breath, so its nice to kick out any other distractions and just focus on Gods word and promises. Its a time to strengthen my soul and really reflect on my blessings.

There is something so special about being able to take Gods word and relate it to your life. I do not know about you, but I defiantly get more out of it if I can see how it connects to me personally. Devotionals are a great way to get to know God, grow your relationship, and bring some spiritual discipline into your life.

All my love, Kaylin Ann

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