My Dream Job

My Dream Job

I am overwhelmed with emotions, today is my two year anniversary at my dream job! In 2015 I decided that college was not for me and that I really wanted to go to Cosmetology school. My hope was to go to an Aveda school but I was planing on moving to Chicago in October. I decided to do a search for schools out there, lo and behold they had a Douglas J Aveda location right where I was looking to live. A little over 4 months into my schooling I had to go on a medical leave, this was only one of many bumps along the way.

I ended up moving back home to Michigan and transferring to the East Lansing location, GO GREEN! It was truly the best two years of my life. In late March of 2018 I graduated and the job search began. I had five interviews set up for April nineteenth, Salon Agape was my second that day. I remember leaving the first one excited since they offered me a job but something was still missing. Walking in to the salon I was immediately greeted by the front desk staff. I waited at the front until I was approached by a women wearing all black with the coolest tattoos, her name was Jackie. During the interview I instantly felt a sense of comfort and peace hearing that the salon has been around for such a long time (20 YEARS YESTERDAY) and that most of the stylists have been there ten plus years. I told her I would let her know my decision soon so we could set up a day to shadow. I got in my car and called my mom and told her “This is it,” I have to work here. She told me I should go to the other interviews and I agreed, but I only made it through one more before I texted Jackie that I wanted to work there.

Now two years later I can not imagine working anywhere else or my life without my co-workers, they have became my family. They have been nothing but supportive on my journey and all have taken time out of their day to train me in some aspect of the job. I look forward to going to work everyday and challenging myself to better my skills. This may sound silly but for as long as I can remember I had always dreamed of growing up and having a job where not only I enjoyed, but that I had a close relationship with my co-workers. Like what you see in the movies, going out for drinks after work, celebrating milestones together, going on vacation, and much more. I am so blessed to say I have that and much more here, I have never been more appreciative then I am now during this quarantine. I miss them, I miss their silly stories, and seeing their faces everyday. I truly am living out my dream surrounded by people I love. This is just the beginning…

All my love, Kaylin Ann

2 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. That’s so nice to hear! Indeed, you’re one of those blessed people for enjoying going to work everyday. I know that nothing compares to the feelings of peace, joy and contentment in our everyday lives, especially at work where we spend most of our day. I’m happy that you found yours and it would be really lovely to find mine. ❤


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