IPSY Bag Review

IPSY Bag Review

I just received my favorite monthly package, and if you know me you know what it is. I have been getting IPSY bags since November 24, 2015 and still to this day when I see that pretty bubble mailer in the mailbox I get just as excited as when I got my first bag. If you do not know what IPSY is, it is a “Glam Bag” filled with favorite beauty products for you to test out yourself. It is a monthly subscription with three different personalized options.

The first and the one I have been subscribed to is the basic Glam Bag, this membership includes 5 sample sized products customized based on your quiz you took in the beginning. This bag is valued at $50 or more and only $12 a month. The second option and the bag I recently switched to is the Glam Bag Plus. This bag features 5 full sized products customized to you based off your beauty quiz. There is a waitlist on this bag so I suggest you sign up for the basic bag and then get on the waitlist if you are interested in the Glam Bag Plus. This membership is valued at $120 or more and only $25 a month. The third option is more pricey but definitely worth it if you are a true beauty lover. The Glam Bag Ultimate is the newest addition from IPSY and includes 8 full sized and 4 sample sized products for the great price of $50 a month when valued at over $250.

I have fallen in love with so many of the products I have received in these bags over the last 5 years and I strongly believe you will too. If interested here is a link to sign up or find out more information, I know you will not regret it. https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref_control&sid=link&refer=u0q44

Now lets get to my April and May review.

May Bag Review:

  • Roller Lash (Benefit)- One of my favorite mascaras, the wand is very unique and helps with a clump free, smooth application. I always love having sample size mascaras on hand for my purse when I am going out.
  • H20 Gloss (Tarte)- This Lip gloss has a beautiful color to it but is a bit tacky when you first put it on. I found best results by putting it on in a thin coat over my lipstick.
  • Lasting Smiles Chap Stick- Love Love this scent and the feel of it on my lips. I will defiantly be buying this once mine is gone.
  • F.A.R.A.H Brush- These brushes are my favorite for applying eyeshadow. I have a few now and I always go to grab these. The hairs are so soft and they are very appealing to the eye on my vanity.
  • Pūrlisse Mask- I have very sensitive skin so I am always nervous to try new face products out. This product made my face extremely itchy so I stopped use after one time.

April Bag Review:

  • Toner (hey Honey)- This toner is great, It did not irritate my sensitive skin and left it feeling hydrated and soft.
  • Concealer (Kokie)- I have used this concealer now a few times and it reminds me a lot of the E.L.F Hydrating Camo Concealer. It felt light but gave great coverage and did not clump up.
  • Blush (Space Case)- This blush is very pigmented so you do not need that much on your brush. It is a little more pink than I like but looks great for a natural spring look.
  • Intensive Masque (JO HANSFORD)- Used this masque in the shower and left on my wet hair for 5 minutes. My hair air dried so soft but not heavy or greasy.
  • Lip Gloss (Seraphine botanicals)- Love this lip because not only is it beautiful and have an amazing gel texture, it is 100% vegan.

If you would love to try IPSY for yourself here is the link, I know you wont regret it. https://www.ipsy.com/new?cid=ppage_ref_control&sid=link&refer=u0q44

If you would like to buy these products directly you can also do so through IPSY at a discount once you are subscribed which is a huge perk!

All my love, Kaylin ann

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