Quick Easy Quarantine Hairstyle

Quick Easy Quarantine Hairstyle

As a hair stylist during this time I have gotten countless messages on tips, tricks, and questions. As I am trying to do my part by staying home and staying safe, I am not doing any “side hair” out of the salon. Instead I have decided to post some tutorials and things I am doing to keep my hair looking fresh and styled.

I am only washing my hair once a week after I do a mask (my favorite is Olaplex). The key and my favorite styling products, dry shampoo and a dry conditioner! This will help extend the time between washes. This style I am posting is one of my go to day 3 or day 4 looks, it is easy, cute, and keeps the hair off your face. If you have any questions please reach out.

All my love, Kaylin Ann

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