Quarantine Workouts

Quarantine Workouts

When I learned I was going to be off for a few weeks I decided to set some goals for myself, one being living a healthier lifestyle. I may not do an intense HIIT workout everyday but the key is to get your body moving for a minimum of 30 minutes. Here are a few of my favorites that I enjoy doing.

-Going on a bike ride; this allows me to go farther than I normally would on foot which gives me new things to look at to help distract me. Going on bike rides is an awesome thing to do with someone, we do these as a family. So its fun and also a great workout, my legs and booty are always sore the next day.

Bike: LIV Bikes
Jacket & Pants: Lululemon
Shoes: Nike

-At home workouts (MadFit); these are awesome! MadFit can be found on youtube, there are multiple different style workout videos that all vary in length. You can choose a short song workout at three minutes or a long circuit workout at thirty minutes.

Weights: Amazon
Computer: Apple
Workout: MadFit on Youtube

-Going for a walk; this has been the most popular choice since we have a dog. My parents just moved to a house on ten aches in Whitmore Lake, MI. My mother and I started taking short walks just down the street to check everything out and get out of the house. Each time we wanted to go farther and farther to see all the amazing houses and farms near by. Now we found a loop we really enjoy which is about 3.2 miles.

Dog leash : Petsmart

By keeping active and eating healthy I am now down 10.4 lbs since March twenty-fourth. I am so excited to keep it going and I hope this has motivated you to get moving for thirty minutes. The key I have learned is consistency, so make it easy!

All my love, Kaylin Ann

8 thoughts on “Quarantine Workouts

  1. By now things have become so taken for granted that quarantine is our new normal and yet I can’t wait for this word to disappear from the vocabulary!


  2. I’ve been trying to stick to a fitness routine too in hopes that when things go back to ‘normal’ it will just be a habit. We might as well take advantage of the extra time!


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